DDOS Mitigation Service

DDOS Mitigation Service Up to 3Tbps+
Protect your business from internet attacks.

Strong security

Network intrusion prevention service

Share research with
the network defense team

Modelled A.I defends network attacks and then shares related reports to the company and your team

Real-time Advanced
Traffic Detection

A.I resides above the overall network and handles filtering for all traffic when new traffic that is not found in the network emerges, it is learned.

A.I transparent public activities

You can check on the platform what activities A.I is currently in progress in the overall network, this is a transparent disclosure.

Strong security
for users and A.I activities

The overall activity content on the platform is protected by US DOD 8520.02 or more. No one can approach it in a way that is not authorized

Protect what’s

Yours with Network Security

All activities and logs can be found on an integrated platform. It is protected by strong security and is not designed to allow anyone to access it in an unauthorized way

Our Clients.

Protected by the world class

Our customers are always protected like a world class. In the network, we will always be at the forefront and never fall behind.

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