Beautiful integrated platform

We always give trust and stability to our customers


We are paired with Tier-1 networks. It provides such a stable and secure network to customers, and the modeled A.I always optimizes the path and overload of the network

Content Delivery Network

We provide CDN services to our customers based on our stable and powerful network. CDN service is an important axis for customers to run applications. It gives trust to customers by operating it directly without requesting it from other companies

DDOS Mitigation

When illegal traffic is detected on the network, the A.I infrastructure we modeled automatically detects it and tries to defend it, Based on a strong network, illegal traffic is directed to the trash so that it does not affect the infrastructure that customers are using


We try to provide as much convenience as possible wherever the customer is, and we provide a stable and integrated platform so that even if the customers who are with us do something else, it won't affect the project

Move faster

We are only providing this powerful and secure integrated platform, and there are still many attacks and attempts that are unknown on the network. In the event of a problem due to this part A.I. immediately replaces the service and performs backup and physical restoration instead of the customer

Easily integrate

Don't worry if you're using it somewhere else! we provide a very easy import service to our integrated platform and whatever language your company is developing and distributing applications on any marketplace, we bring them to our integrated platform and start learning

Solutions for Your

For your projects, we always suggest a suitable solution. We always prepare an integrated platform and infrastructure for the proposed solution in advance prevent customers from wasting time as much as possible.

Latest generation infrastructure

Every infrastructure always uses the latest generation of hardware. It ensures continuous hardware stability by not using old versions of hardware

Get rid of the boundaries between devices

You can do what you want on one platform regardless of PC/mobile, still it is not right to separate the platform when developing applications on the development platform

Post Management
Service for the platform

We provide a lot of services even after your project is developed into our integrated platform as much as possible, we will handle it with all-in-one so that customers do not visit other companies due to the add-on of the project.

Infrastructure management

Specially modeled A.I checks the overall management of the infrastructure and automatically proceeds with what is needed, relieves the role of server administrators as much as possible

Surveillance of security threats

If there is anything to monitor and resolve security threats at all times in real time, the modeled A.I will try in advance and notify the alarm if administrator intervention is required

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